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21 April 1969
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Contrary to popular rumor, Tom was not left on a doorstep on a rainy night, nor was he rocketed to earth from a dying planet. The story about him vowing to avenge the parents that were brutally murdered in front of his six-year-old eyes by becoming a dark avenger of the night isn't even true.

No, his story is more mundane than all that. He was born. He grew up. He got a job and became a working slob like the rest of us.

Yes, I know you've heard that he was capable of putting his pants on with both legs simultaneously! Be assured that although these rumors were spread by those with TomD1969's best interests at heart, it just isn't true.

It's true he's an under-appreciated genius; just don't tell him lest his head get a little too big for his hat... as if he ever wore a hat.